Jane. Doe.

Freelance Model. Professional Financial Advisor. Art & Nature Enthusiast.

About me

Freelance Model

I have been interested in dressing up since I was young and began freelance modeling to pursue my dreams.

Nature Lover

I love the outdoors and cherish the time I'm able to spend hiking and exploring. I try to live a eco-conscious life as we need to preserve our world we have today.

Financial Advisor

Bachelor's in Business Finance from CSULA. I have a passion for helping others setup for success and entered a career in financial planning.

Art Enthusiast

I enjoy modeling but also appreciate the art behind photography, paintings, and sculptures. I like to appreciate the dedication the artist put behind their work to show case to the world.

Exercise is a passion
"The best way to predict the future is to create it"
- Abe Lincoln

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Freelance Model