HP Pavillion Black Screen of Death from Windows 10 Update

HP Laptop with screen that says black screen of death

SO, Recently one of our work computers, a HP Pavillion notebook/laptop, went through a series of Windows 10 updates. Most of the updates went smoothly except for the last one that took a few hours for an unknown reason but the HP booted up normally and everything went as usual. HOWEVER, the next day when we went to boot up, all we got was a black screen.

We tried to hard reset, reboot, manual shutdown and found no luck. We went into recovery and Windows kept failing at each option we chose so we did a check disk and found the Windows core files were corrupt! What else can you say except…wow.

Eventually we went into HP Recovery Manager where HP has an image (iso) file of windows itself and we were able to restore the corrupt files.

If you’re ever in a bind or somehow ended up here searching for a black screen of death, try booting your HP and hitting F11 to get into the recovery manager as a final resort.